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i'm Leah, i'm 14 and i'm new. so yeah. i first saw S.T.U.N. on the warped tour last year and they were really cool....and uhhh...energetic and stuff. :)

i'm assuming you all know that Tim Armstrong has been working with Pink and other artists such as....Cypress Hill. well last night i was just watching some music videos on Yahoo and the video for "What's Your Number?"[the one with Tim] came on so i decided to watch it.

guess who's in it! [besides Tim..]
just guess....heh heh.

Bobby's in it!
he sees this chick and he goes up to her and kinda...bites her shoulder or something. lol. then he takes her into this car and well....they do stuff. heh.

just thought that was funny i guess and was wondering if anyone else saw it. :)

[you can watch the video *here*]
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Taken from Skratch Magazine

S.T.U.N., Neil Spies/guitarist/songwriter

Your thoughts on President Bush: He was put into office by a re-count. Everything he had a hand in before his presidency ended in complete disaster. I can't say it's been any better since...

Was/is was with Iraq the answer: No it wasn't and still isn't. With the costs of the war on Iraq a lot more than 20 million children could've been provided with healthcare. A million plus schoolteaches could be hired and 1.3 million additional four-year scholarships at public universities could've been given to our youth. Kill, kill, kill when we could heal, heal, heal!

Will you vote for Bush in re-election: I ill only vote third and fourth etc. parties until we have true democracy, or even better, revolution.

Are you registered to vote: Yes.

5-10 words to sum up the current status of the U.S.: double standards, weapons, hiding of causes, hypocritical, not enforcing internatinal law/diplomacy. Are you really free?
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Much love to S.T.U.N. Their one of my favorite bands. Have been since I first saw them at SOMA in March when they opened up for The Used. Watched them play and I just absolutely fell in love with them. One of the best live bands next to AFI. No joke. *cough* Met Bobby Alt after they played. One fucking very polite and nice guy.
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Hello! I’m new and S.T.U.N. is one of my favorite bands. I’ve seen them twice and they’re awesome live. I started getting into them in April when I first saw them with Bad Religion and I met Bobby and hung out with him for most of the show. He still e-mails me sometimes, but he hasn’t lately. Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.

Kassi <\3
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