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whats goin on, im maura and im new in this community. well, S.T.U.N. is one of my favourite bands because theyre really awesome possum slash kick ass. theyve been one of my faves since like 7th grade sooo, yeah. the end.

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Thank you!


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> By the by, you are amazing.
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Who cares that it was two words as long as it's him?

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Hey...I finally decided to join this. I love stun. I have seen them in concert a few times and they are amazing. Anyway so i made this thing today...some chick helped me do it...its my first attempt... here it is:

Hope someone likes it...although i am sure i am not the first person to do it. I am fucking proud of if u dont like it fuck you! lol jk jk!
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i'm liz.
i'm new.
stun = love.
this community = love.
every stun show i've been to has been amazing.
the first time i saw/met them, i was just in awe.
they are just.. awesome.

i hope we will love eachother.

q&a with bobby alt

ok so i was gonna post about this before but i was waiting for bobby.

he agreed to a q&a for
so if you all have any questions for him about stun or his new album or whatever email them to

he's going to respond and then it will be posted on the site. so let's all thank bobby for being awesome ;)

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