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i'm Leah, i'm 14 and i'm new. so yeah. i first saw S.T.U.N. on the warped tour last year and they were really cool....and uhhh...energetic and stuff. :)

i'm assuming you all know that Tim Armstrong has been working with Pink and other artists such as....Cypress Hill. well last night i was just watching some music videos on Yahoo and the video for "What's Your Number?"[the one with Tim] came on so i decided to watch it.

guess who's in it! [besides Tim..]
just guess....heh heh.

Bobby's in it!
he sees this chick and he goes up to her and kinda...bites her shoulder or something. lol. then he takes her into this car and well....they do stuff. heh.

just thought that was funny i guess and was wondering if anyone else saw it. :)

[you can watch the video *here*]
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