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Taken from Skratch Magazine

S.T.U.N., Neil Spies/guitarist/songwriter

Your thoughts on President Bush: He was put into office by a re-count. Everything he had a hand in before his presidency ended in complete disaster. I can't say it's been any better since...

Was/is was with Iraq the answer: No it wasn't and still isn't. With the costs of the war on Iraq a lot more than 20 million children could've been provided with healthcare. A million plus schoolteaches could be hired and 1.3 million additional four-year scholarships at public universities could've been given to our youth. Kill, kill, kill when we could heal, heal, heal!

Will you vote for Bush in re-election: I ill only vote third and fourth etc. parties until we have true democracy, or even better, revolution.

Are you registered to vote: Yes.

5-10 words to sum up the current status of the U.S.: double standards, weapons, hiding of causes, hypocritical, not enforcing internatinal law/diplomacy. Are you really free?
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